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Does anyone know how to reach "Red Mop"?  He's a very skilled computer technician.  He used to participate in the Denver CLUE group which now seems defunct. I need help with UEFI bios on my Intel NUC.  I seemed to have destroyed it big time using GRUB as it used to be.  Otherwise does the BOulder group have Install Fests where I could get help understanding how UEFI works?  My computer is working now, but I'm afraid to do a side by side install of another OS becuase of how messed up it got last time.  Also I'm afraid to upgrade my kernel for fear of losing the boot sector where ever it might be.  I seem to have somehow erased the original UEFI partition.  Not use the BIOS on the NUC is even working properly as when I try to adjust the time in the bios, it does not stick.  However the running system does display the correct time.

Run Linux Mint-17.


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