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This is for "assisted" data loading where the intended tomcat GUI interface for loading has unknown missing components. I'll be stepping through data load and automating a highlight of the tomcat menu which understands editing/loading if load were to occur via the "normal" mechanism for creating brand new data. At some point a data load will result in a missing GUI menu to accomplish the data load. What I'm writing is sort of like gdb dropping out and pointing a location where a segfault occurs due to NULL pointer dereference, only it is a tomcat/XML/PostgreSQL data load task where data is detected loading and not having a corresponding tomcat entry form.
pg_dump is a good idea, but simply editing the pg_dump file is too large of a task. In a "small" sample I dumped via pg_dump at around 18,000 lines in it finishes creating empty table structure. This is perhaps 9% of the file, with perhaps 200,000 lines of actual data loading...the proverbial needle in a very large haystack (will probably result in coffee overdose to do this by hand). The first part of writing this is simply to graph out the database table structure.

> I didn't realize this was for data loading. The pg_dump program will write out all of the data as SQL
>statements that will recreate the database.
>It does it by first loading the raw information then building the indexes and relationships and triggers and >procedures.>_______________________________________________>Web Page: http://lug.boulder.co.us>Mailing List: http://lists.lug.boulder.co.us/mailman/listinfo/lug>Join us on IRC: irc.hackingsociety.org port=6667 channel=#hackingsociety
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