[lug] Fwd: [SFS] Nextcloud Class on Saturday (11/4) at 9am!

David L. Willson DLWillson at TheGeek.NU
Thu Nov 2 12:41:13 MDT 2017

Hey CLUE-bies and BLUG... um... What are BLUG members called? BLUG-bies? BLUG-gers? 

How's life? I think I remember that some of you like OwnCloud, and thought you might like an invite to our NextCloud class. Mike is a great teacher of hands-on classes and his NextCloud workshop will be even moar awesome than his OwnCloud one was. 

NextCloud has the same core features that OwnCloud has, *and* it is under active development. 

Features I like: 
- Instantly upload pics from my phone. 
- Access my movies and music from my phone. 
- Share stuph with my friends and family. (sometimes from my phone) 
- Share stuph with DHS/NSA/CIA/KGB/SS/military-or-paramilitary-org-of-choice, at *my* option. 

David L. Willson 
Teacher, Engineer, Evangelist 
Mobile 720-333-LANS(5267) 

This is a good time for a r3VOLution. 

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> I hope you all will join us Saturday at 9am in the Comfy Room and let
> me introduce you to the world of Nextcloud! (
> http://www.sofree.us/nextcloud-by-mike-shoup/ )

> I wanted to let you all know that I will be providing a cloud-based
> server for you to install Nextcloud on, so all you need is a web
> browser and SSH client. The server will be around for you to play
> with for most of Saturday.

> If, however, you'd like to install Nextcloud on a server of your own,
> that would be awesome too! If you go this route (which means you get
> to keep your Nextcloud server!), please be prepared with an Ubuntu
> 16.04 server and ensure that it's publicly accessible. Also, having
> a public DNS name that resolves to the server and opening it up to
> ports 80 & 443 will ensure that we can generate an SSL certificate
> for it using Let's Encrypt!.

> I look forw ard to teaching a great class this year!

> Thanks,
> Mike Shoup
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