[lug] New to BLUG router question

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Thu Nov 2 19:23:39 MDT 2017

Lots of things interfere with WiFi -- bluetooth, microwave ovens,
numerous other things.  I'd do what works best and not worry about where
the interference or blocking or whatever is coming from.

  Alan Robertson
  alanr at unix.sh

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017, at 06:27 PM, Lee Cole wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am new to Colorado. Been in Southern California all my life till 
> October 30 this year. My wife's work has us now in Longmont. More on 
> that later. I was with 2 Linux Users Groups, SCLUG, VCLUG and 
> volunteered at SCaLE for about 7 years. Found BLUG and am looking 
> forward to the next meeting. Missed last month. Been using Linux as my 
> primary OS from 2003.
> I have a question on my router's signal strength. Using WiFi Analyzer on 
> my Android phone it says channel 14 is excellent. My current channel is 
> 6 which does not do well. Is there any reason why 14 would be so good 
> beyond the fact that no one else in my local neighborhood is using it on 
> their routers? Is there any reason why channel 14 should not be used? Or?
> Seems there are 15 +/- devices / routers in range.
> My current router is a dual band Airlink AR670W N Router which is the 
> only one I could find in my storage room. Just ordered a Netgear N900 
> Dual Band Gigabit Router to go with my NexLight fiber connection.
> I am planning to attend the next meeting.
> Thank you,
> Lee Cole
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