[lug] 256 byte sector support.

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That looks like a similar issue. It was never fixed in Fedora. It apparently applies to the SCSI emulation of some types of USB storage devices, like SD cards. Really old ones. 2 MB? Really?
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I don't know, but I am curious. What was the old config for this? I've only heard of a physical address block size of 512 bytes or more, and logical block addressing of 512 bytes or multiples. It is the idea of a block device being less than 512 bytes which I am wondering about...what is this device? How is it connected, e.g., is it SATA, PCIe, M.2?
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I'm trying to gen a kernel that supports 256 byte sectors. This use to 
be supported and I can't find it in the new 4.13.11 kernel config. Does 
anybody know if this is still supported? How can I enable it?
Thanks in advance...
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