[lug] Forcing a Sound Device

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Sun Nov 12 13:14:15 MST 2017

I didn't do anything else, but it did offer me a choice of "disabled" -
and I took it...
  Alan Robertson
  alanr at unix.sh

On Sun, Nov 12, 2017, at 11:46 AM, stimits at comcast.net wrote:
> Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I think your control has more in
> it than this one. I can set a device to muted, but not to disabled by
> this method. When I set the USB headphones as default, any removal of
> them results in a permanent switch to analog motherboard output and
> never goes back to headphones when the headphones are reconnected. It
> probably does not matter because no device is getting audio now unless
> I use a pulse audio control.>  
> If I run the "pavucontrol" application, this too has a default device
> list, but no matter which device I select, each song forces it back to
> built in analog audio...the device setting works for one song, then
> reverts. Wish I knew what file pavucontrol alters...I'd use SElinux
> and make it immutable to everything. Or if I knew what it is that
> tells pavucontrol to change, I'd bzip2 the binary so it can't be used
> (at this point I don't care if it brings down the system...I just want
> to know debugging information).>  
> In the pavucontrol output device tab I have no ability to remove built-
> in analog audio, all I can do is uncheck it as a fallback device.
> HDMI never has output unless I turn the monitor off and back on and
> then use pavucontrol to set the individual firefox playback device to
> HDMI...and after the song is done firefox reverts to analog
> integrated audio.>  
> Anyone know why pulse audio is used? I'm not sure if I could remove it
> and have things work...it seems using purely alsa would be best.>  
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> I use KDE on Ubuntu (Kubuntu) and always use a non-default audio
> device. Here's how I make that happen on Kubuntu:> 
> right click the speaker icon, and bring up Audio Volume Settings.
> Click on the configuration tab (far right tab).
> For all your unwanted audio devices, click on Profile and
> select "off".> 
> Click OK.
> It works for Kubuntu - don't know about Fedora.
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>   Alan Robertson
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> On Sat, Nov 11, 2017, at 03:51 PM, stimits at comcast.net wrote:
>> I've tried a number of things to get a change in the default audio on
>> my Fedora/KDE system. For whatever reason, no matter what I do, every
>> playback device wants to start with the built in analog audio of the
>> motherboard. I can change this to use the HDMI or USB audio...as soon
>> as a song or video ends, it reverts. If I watch a video and go to
>> full screen...it reverts. I don't have the analog audio on the
>> motherboard connected.>>  
>> Various mixers have allowed me to change default audio device. Until
>> the song or video ends...then it reverts to being default.>>  
>> One of the things I tried was to blacklist the motherboard's kernel
>> module for the device...but apparently other things depend on this
>> despite no other module depending on this. I can remove the module,
>> and no other module reports needing it, but no mixer or audio
>> application works after that. The USB headset has its own digital
>> audio, and the video card for HDMI has its audio...I do not believe
>> the integrated audio should have any effect unless other programs
>> mistakenly demand to open integrated audio.>>  
>> I've also tried settings in pulse audio's default.pa, but these seem
>> to fail as well.>>  
>> Does anyone have any idea how I can summarily ban the motherboard's
>> integrated audio? I'm about to try disabling it in the BIOS, but this
>> is a multi-boot system and I suspect this will cause other issues
>> which I won't be able to set right again once it happens (short of a
>> full system restore). I'd love to find a file I can remove write
>> permission to and set SElinux permissions to deny write to anyone or
>> anything...ever...but I don't know where this default setting is
>> coming from if the mixer GUI's set a value and then it reverts. I
>> cannot find the file. I suspect it is in udev.>>  
>> There are too many mechanisms for audio...pulse, alsa, KDE, gnome,
>> systemd, udev. I really wish there were just one mechanism and it
>> worked.>>  
>> Thanks!
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