[lug] ssh-agent / ssh-add and picking up credentials used to log into remote system

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Mon Nov 20 15:31:37 MST 2017

Hi, I'm sure I had this working before but I've hit it again with a new
jump host on AWS. I know there's a way to set up ssh-agent and ssh-add so I
can carry the credentials through ssh calls but I'm missing it at the

I have 'ForwardAgent yes' in my .ssh/config file and run ssh-agent and
ssh-add in my .profile. (more precisely I've added "eval `ssh-agent -s`").
However the list of identities is empty.

What am I missing?

As I mentioned this is a jump host - a nano instance that exists solely to
act as a bridge from a few trusted addresses to the internal network. The
other option is setting up a full VPN to access the internal-only network
but I mentioned my problems with VPN on AWS elsewhere.


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