[lug] Favorite Utility/Rescue Image: LVM For Multi-Boot

stimits at comcast.net stimits at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 16:46:13 MST 2017

I was just given an old laptop and am trying to figure out how to satisfy some requests for multi-boot among at least two Linux distributions (no Windows involved). One distribution must be Ubuntu 14.04.
I am experimenting with some LVM installs since currently it is ok to lose it all and start over, it's just testing. However, I see a need to get some sort of small footprint (it's a slow and old laptop) rescue image capable of working with LVM. The Ubuntu and other installers do not seem to be capable of dealing with LVM unless they wipe out other operating systems. I'm thinking I either need to yank the drive and format it on my desktop PC, or else get a better method to manipulate LVM/ext4/ext2/boot partitions from a thumb drive (this laptop has no CD). Does anyone here have a favorite rescue type image which works with LVM and can be put on a thumb drive?
Does anyone have some other recommendation on how to get multiple Linux operating systems installed with LVM and not wiping out each other?
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