[lug] Checking my assumptions re. Mint updates

Jed S. Baer blug at jbaer.cotse.net
Thu Nov 23 09:58:52 MST 2017

Hi Folks.

In another online venue, in a discussion about software updates in a Mint
distro, I encountered the following comment:

"Yeah; Software Manager simply installs from whatever version is in the
repository "warehouse" while updater looks at installed packages and
installs updates per that package's instructions, which might well be
directly from the developer, not the repository."

This is completely outside my understanding of how the Debian package
system works. I won't disallow that maybe Mint has done some bypass
tricks with their specific updaters. I pay no attention to those, since I
use aptitude, and pull up one of the Mint thingies only when I want to
check for kernel updates.

So ... ???

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