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Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Fri Dec 22 07:32:12 MST 2017

​"Landscape" worked. I'm sure I tried it early on and it didn't work but I
was originally trying to use print in portrait mode (the layout of most of
my handwritten notes) and it was a few days before I tried using landscape
mode (since they're easier to use for reference notes kept in a index card

For future reference is someone searches the email archive -

Use landscape mode

On my printer (HP color laserjet - they probably all use similar paper
handling) the 4x6 card uses 0.20" margins on all sides. The 3x5 card uses a
0.60" margin on the top - otherwise you miss the first line+ of tet.
Unfortunately that means the bottom of the card is unprintable. It might be
possible to work around that by making the card a 3.4" high with a 1.00"
margin on the top.

The line spacing is 16 pt. That can make the card hard to read, at least
for me, so I'll use 12 pt + 0.08" leading space or 13 pt + 0.06" leading

For some reason it feels like monospaced fonts are better but that might be
my age showing - in the distant past I used a typewriter with index cards.
However it might be a subtle reminder of the nature of the information on
the cards. Perhaps monospace works best if you're using it for enumerations
of facts (e.g., list of the servers running each service in your hadoop
cluster or the GTM numbers for your different meetings) and a proportional
font works best if you're using it for things like brief quotes.


On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 11:02 PM, Vince Wayland <vince at thewaylands.com>

> Caveat: I  was using win7. I changed the doc size in LO to 5 x 3, created
> the card content, narrowed the manual  feed guide to 3", opened the rear
> door, fed it into the Brother  2270 front manual  feed lengthwise and got
> the desired result.
> It took several attempts to get what I wanted.
> Vince  Wayland
> sent from tablet.
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