[lug] Pushing Back Against Gnome CSD/Headerbars

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 13:51:22 MST 2018

Not knowing anything regarding this till 2 minutes ago, my reaction
is: here it comes the new latest fad. They want our huge desktop
monitors behave like an iPhone.

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 12:56 PM, Jed S. Baer <blug at jbaer.cotse.net> wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Jan 2018 14:43:35 -0500
> Internet Privacy Advocate wrote:
>> I haven't used a Mac for a long time, but I think that's the way it
>> used to work.  The system taskbar changed with the specific
>> application.
> No, that's a different feature. I think Gnome/Unity? implemented this,
> where the system task bar takes on the application menus. But this new
> thing is having application stuff intrude into the app window title area.
> And, maybe having the app manage window features, rather than the window
> manager.
>>It is more space efficient
> I don't grok this as anything to consider. Even with my old Nec MultiSync
> 90GX monitor, I have plenty of screen real estate. I have zero concerns
> with needing more space in my app windows.
>> As an aside, the feature I
>> most desire presently is high quality TTS within Libreoffice, but I
>> don't seem to make much headway raising my concern about that.
> I strongly suspect that my initial thought on what "TTS" means is
> considerably different than what you're referring to. It's an old old gif
> image, featuring a wizard casting a transmutation spell. :)
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