[lug] USB3 vs eSATA III question

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Sun Jul 22 15:35:38 MDT 2018

On 7/22/2018 3:23 PM, BC wrote:
> This for curiosity sake only...
> At our monthly Boulder Gopher meeting last Thursday we had a 
> presentation by afellow who works at Intel and was describing a new 
> storage medium that Intel has developed (the exact name of this device 
> escapes me - NVsomething) that will do 100s of TiB/sec.  Of course this 
> isn't consumer grade by any stretch and it only runs on specialized 
> hardware not akin to what we are used to using. A potential view into 
> the futurefor mere mortals, perhaps.

NVDIMM, maybe?

I know that Intel and others are steadily working their way toward RAM 
that doesn't lose its data when powered down. Optane is one of these 
things, there's also MRAM and HP had something in the labs with their 
memristors. IBM has been playing on and off with magnetic racetrack RAM.

I would think that 100s of TiB/s would only apply in multiple channel 
configurations. Like saying that a super-computer made of thousands of 
machines has a TiB/s of RAM bandwidth. It's true but misleading.

There's also research into interesting memory-centric CPU designs where 
RAM is discarded entirely. The "computer" is made of small compute 
blocks of cache RAM and compute cores, then linked into a network mesh. 
So traditional RAM is replaced by L3 cache style SRAM (but configured as 
RAM, not cache) and persistent storage is replaced by NVDIMM. I've heard 
that AMD is working on this: their new Zen core chiplets, Vega GPU and 
interposer mesh designs would work very well for this.

But like all research, we'll probably never see most of it in the real 

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