[lug] USB3 vs eSATA III question

BC bcarr at purgatoire.org
Sun Jul 22 16:12:09 MDT 2018

On 7/22/2018 3:35 PM, Zan Lynx wrote:
> NVDIMM, maybe?

Yes, I think that was it.

> I would think that 100s of TiB/s would only apply in multiple 
> channel configurations. Like saying that a super-computer made of 
> thousands of machines has a TiB/s of RAM bandwidth. It's true but 
> misleading.

Doesn't use channels as we understand them.  Uses a system they are 
calling "fiber" but which is essentially a mesh probably similar to 
what you described (if I understood what he was talking about).  One 
of the slides he showed was about latency and compared SSDs that we 
know now with an intermediate Intel product with 0.1 x latency of 
SSDs, then this NVDIMM thing with 0.01 or less the latency of current 

Since I have no computer science background this is all quite 
fascinating to me.

They are looking for programmers to work in this "High Performance 
Computing Division" in Longmont.

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