[lug] USB3 vs eSATA III question

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Mon Jul 23 23:47:35 MDT 2018

I've been using USB3 drive enclosures and USB3 docks for several years
with mostly perfect results.
I got turned off from eSATA many years ago when Linux support for hot-
plugging eSATA didn't seem so good. I liked eSATA for speed, but I
wanted USB 1.0/2.0 plugability.
USB 3.0 has been nearly perfect on most systems I've tried including
little $20 PCIe 2 port USB3 cards in older systems.
At Microcenter, you can pickup these for about $7.99 and pop in old
2.5" drives:  I was cynical at first when someone else bought one, but
their durable, lightweight, easy to pull drives out and pop in other
ones, and USB 3.0 speed and support has been very good.

On Sun, 2018-07-22 at 12:27 -0600, Bear Giles wrote:
> This is mostly from curiousity...
> USB 3 has a claimed bandwidth of 3 Gbps.
> eSATA II has a claimed bandwidth of 3 Gbps, and eSATA III has a
> claimed benefit of 6 Gbps.
> I don't think any USB stick is going to be pushing 3 Gbps (but I'm
> not 100% certain), but perhaps an external hard drive, esp. an
> external SSD. But is that actually realistic?
> In contrast my experience with eSATA is that it really is akin a
> traditionally installed disk.
> Like I said this is mostly from curiosity. I noticed my recent
> systems haven't had eSATA ports but it's easy to add a half-height
> card for one. Ditto external drives - they usually only have USB 3
> but if you buy an external drive case for your own drive then it's
> easy to find them with both USB 3 and eSATA. So I have my eSATA gear
> but it might not be necessary any longer if the quoted USB 3 numbers
> are accurate.
> Does anyone else have experience with both USB 3 and eSATA?
> (Meanwhile I'm wondering what to do with a few old external drives
> that are USB 2. They're so much slower and smaller than my external
> USB 3 drives.)
Maxwell Spangler

Denver, Colorado, USA

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