[lug] Debugging a startup problem

Jed S. Baer blug at jbaer.cotse.net
Thu Aug 2 20:04:44 MDT 2018

On Sun, 29 Jul 2018 22:40:52 -0600
Jed S. Baer wrote:

> > Symptom is that on a reboot, the network doesn't come up
> I finally revisited this, and don't have much extra to mention, except
> that I finally did the smart thing, and booted from a newer Ubuntu on a
> USB stick. The network comes right up.

Aaaaaaaand the answer is:

"static-network-up is emitted by the /etc/network/if-up.d/upstart script,
crucially, the event will not be emitted unless every interface
configured as 'auto' in /etc/network/interfaces is up."


So, I had a wlan0 interface configured, and it has been in there,
actually, since around October 2016. Why it started being a problem
recently I can't guess. Anyways, I deleted those lines. It's starting
normally at boot now.

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