[lug] minikube (k8) question on Ubuntu 18.04

Richard Johnson rdump at river.com
Mon Aug 27 21:18:06 MDT 2018

On 2018-08-27 08:04, Bear Giles wrote:
> I've installed minikube (single-node Kubernetes cluster designed for dev
> and testing) and getting this error:
> Starting local Kubernetes cluster...
> E0827 07:51:38.946059    1363 start.go:83] Error starting host: Error
> ...

I had TCP net and API issues when I inadvertently mixed and matched kubernetes
1.7 and 1.11. (I have to stick with kubectl 1.7 for prod compatibility.) Might
be worth confirming what's running what in your setup, and trying to normalize
if there's any mismatch. Yeah, I'm grasping at straws. ;)


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