[lug] Suspicous: "host"/"DNS" Showing Odd Results (Fedora)

Lee Woodworth blug-mail at duboulder.com
Tue Sep 4 10:28:50 MDT 2018

Does your /etc/resolv.conf have settings for forcing a sort on
dns query results? This would only help if firefox uses the system
dns resolver.

Even if the crash is in openssl it is possible firefox cannot handle
a single ip with multiple PTRs and varying query result order. If things
work when you open the login pages with a time delay between them then I
would wonder about race conditions in ff.

On 09/03/2018 05:24 PM, stimits at comcast.net wrote:
> Btw, it is SSL which doesn't like the name changing for a single dotted-decimal address. Firefox is just using the SSL. The issue shows up from rapidly opening multiple SSL login pages simultaneously.
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> On 9/3/2018 5:08 PM, stimits at comcast.net wrote:> I wouldn't believe it either but I've verified my firefox and watched in > the stack frame what is causing the lock. When the name switches mid > stream it locks. Fedora 27. Note that when the name shows up constant > (regardless of what it shows up as), then there is no lockup. This > occurs only if multiple queries running simultaneously use different > names for the same IP.
> Did you build this yourself? Or are you running weird addons?
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