[lug] asset management software/site for IT resources?

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Sun Nov 4 12:30:21 MST 2018

Does anyone have recommendations for asset management software/sites for
modest IT resources? I have just enough computers, external drives, thumb
drives, etc., that I think I should check it out.

Obviously it would be beneficial if it understood linux-type hierarchies: a
system contains one or more hard drives, drives can contain one or more
partitions, the partitions may have specific flags contain specific data
(e.g., I might have a dedicated partition for my database tablespace), etc.

I've started tracking it in Confluence (only $10/year for up to ten
people!) but it's just an ad hoc file. Something focused on asset
management would probably be better as long as the learning curve isn't too

(Hmm... maybe I could still do some things fairly easily, e.g., print bar
codes / QR codes that my phone can scan for a summary of the external drive
/ thumb drive instead of using a small font...)
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