[lug] SD write timeouts, drive appears to be fine

BC bcarr at purgatoire.org
Sat Dec 22 08:32:44 MST 2018

I'm impressed. And would ignore what the SMART testing tells you in 
this case. This drive could fail mechanically at any time so I'd be 
replacing it.

I had a 55000 hour power-on drive on my desktop that was reported by 
SMART to be okay. It failed abruptly; no warning.

(as an aside and not to hijack the thread, but my 55000 hour drive was 
one of a mirrored, identical pair in RAID1 config, both new from the 
beginning. the one drive showed 55000 hours power-on but the other 
drive showed only 14000 hours power-on. shouldn't they have been the 
same power-on hours or am I misunderstanding how RAID1 works?)

On 12/21/2018 10:52 PM, Jed S. Baer wrote:
> The drive is a Hitachi Deskstar, with a lifetime of 63594 hours.

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