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If I understand correctly you are having login issues on the workstation, not the remote systems.
You didn't say if you logged in via ssh or vt1. I wonder at what level the issue is: kernel display driver,
x-server, display manager, or pam. If ALT+F7/CTRL+ALT+F7 is blank it would suggest that gdm didn't
start or crashed quickly.

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On Sunday, December 23, 2018 9:50 AM, Bear Giles <bgiles at coyotesong.com> wrote:

> First a followup on a prior question - I realized what I was actually looking for was XDMCP - I have a bunch of headless systems, far too many to connect to monitors even with KVM switches. It would be really helpful to be able to log into them XDMCP. Note: this isn't a remote screen, it's actually connecting to new sessions via the XDMCP protocol. RDP is another possibility but it would be an application, not a full session.
> I tried a few tweaks but didn't get anywhere. I rebooted a number of times without any problems.
> Skip forward to this morning. I've been logged in for awhile but wanted to logout/login since Chrome was consuming all 48 GB of RAM again. I do this every so often - better than having to a power hit. Only problem was I never got the login page after logging out.
> I rebooted. No login page. I get the usual page to enter the hard disk encryption key but not GDM3.
> I revert /etc/gdm3/custom.conf. No joy.
> I purge gdm3 and reinstall it. Verify that it reinstalled custom.conf. No joy.
> This is more than a little annoying, even alarming. I haven't had problems upgrading releases for the last few years but had to reinstall Ubuntu on a few systems since the upgrade failed. It often failed where X came up but I couldn't log in, or I could log in but never saw a desktop.
> Now this happened and I don't know if it's because a routine update broke something. That's not acceptable - I can't risk having to take hours out of my workday in order to reinstall my OS.
> For now I'm going to try dpkg-reconfigure one last time and then try installing KDE. I would also try updating to 18.10 but it looks like do-release-update doesn't want to change from LTS to semi-annual and update-manager requires a desktop. I could dig into conf files but at this point I'm losing patience.
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