[lug] Newbie needs (paid) help to complete installation

Vince Wayland vince at thewaylands.com
Mon Jan 7 01:24:37 MST 2019

I have installed the current version of Fedora Mate on a Dell XPS 13 
9350 laptop and transferred my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles to it.  
It kind of works.

I need assistance with such things as

getting my Firefox passwords accessible.

getting Thunderbird password manager to remember my indra password.

downloading and installing the Brother Driver for my mutifunction 
printer so I can print and scan from it.

figuring out why the usb port isn't recognizing 3.0 memory sticks now 
when that's what I used to do the original linux boot.  It still 
recognizes 2.0 sticks.

installing appropriate linux replacements for things like Picasa.

installing Virtual Box with win7 to use Quicken, Garmin, CPAP software 
etc.  I have a win7 disk.

I am not interested in discussing my choices of Fedora Mate or 
alternative suggestions unless you want to do the whole thing for me 
from scratch. :)

I must admit that things have improved somewhat since I last tried to 
switch to linux some 8 years ago.

Thanks, Vince

215 Cimmaron Way
Boulder, CO  80303
303-499-9806 land
303-579-1185 mobile

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