[lug] FF Certificate Expiry vs. Good Practice

Simos blug at chinesetearoom.com
Sat May 4 17:31:41 MDT 2019

On Sat, 04 May 2019 08:45:47 -0600 "Michael J. Hammel" <mjhammel at graphics-muse.org> wrote:
> Heh.  You're not the only one.  I run an old FF just so I can use It's
> All Text.  I use it heavily in wiki and redmine editing.  The
> alternative in new FF doesn't work correctly for me.
> The only problem is that it occasionally gets auto-updated so I have to
> reinstall it.  Oh, and a recent purchase of a new machine got me
> updated to latest Fedora and now old FF doesn't play videos.  So I
> switched to chrome for that (Plex, Youtube, etc.).  Good news:  old FF
> no longer auto plays videos on sites that try to pull that.  Sometimes
> old and broken is better.

You could probably use Waterfox [ https://www.waterfox.net/ ] which is a fork
of Firefox 56 with continued support of legacy extensions. I use it on an old
Debian Jessie box so that I can continue to use DownThemAll and a few older
extensions that weren't ported over. I'm pretty sure It's All Text! will also

Just as important, Waterfox also gets regular security and other stability
fixes. It should run on any distro and you don't need root to install it.
(just untar it somewhere, it auto-updates like the old Firefox).



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