[lug] recommended package to forward all DNS requests to single IP address?

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Sun Jun 23 11:46:01 MDT 2019

I've discovered that someone is mooching off my pi-hole and UFW isn't
blocking the requests for some reason. (See below). I'm moving my pi-hole
(been planning to for awhile) and want to leave a parting gift to the

Does anyone have a recommendation for a DNS server that forwards all
requests to a single IP address? Either a specialized one or just quick
notes on setting up a standard DNS server.

Hmm, perhaps also a way to set up apache or nginx to accept all requests
and return a "permanent direct" message.

I'm not saying that I would rediect all traffic from the moochers to the
most offensive site I could find... but I'm not saying I wouldn't either.
Let them try to explain to their spouse, parents, or worse their customers
why they're suddenly getting, oh, goatse pix everywhere.
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