[lug] FreeIPA, wifi signin page, questions

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Mon Jul 1 09:19:27 MDT 2019

Two questions:

1. Does anyone have experience / opinions on using FreeIPA on their home
network? It seems like overkill for a single user but I'm starting to feel
the balance betwen "do it myself so I'll learn the technologies" and "I
just want it to work" is shifting to the right.

The issue isn't just setting up LDAP or a KDC, it's keeping all of the
systems current. That now means things like setting up sssd on the most
recent systems while continuing to support the older mechanisms on other
systems, etc. It would be a lot easier to just install the freeipa-client
package and use a few docker images to practice on the underlying tech.

2. Does anyone know how to set up your guest wifi so it prompts for a
username/password? I mean the type you see at a hotel or business where
you're taken to a landing page until you log in. I know that when you need
(or can use) radius if you want 'enterprise' wpa2 but I don't know if that
also gives you that splash page.

3. Any experience with DD-WRT/OpenWRT? I'm going to finally set aside some
time to work on my home network over the July 4th holidays and part of that
is flashing at least once of my routers.
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