[lug] Free laptop

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 19:07:03 MDT 2019

HP Pavillon ze4500 with an Athlon XP2500 CPU and 512MB of RAM (the latter
is its weakest point). It has a good 1024x768 14" screen and a 250GB HD
much newer than the rest of the computer. The machine did not have wireless
adapter, but it has a (also much newer than the rest of the machine)
Wireless "g" PCMCIA adapter. Everything works fine, excluding the battery
which obviously is dead after these many years.

It is currently running Ubuntu 10.04 from 2010 with GNOME 2.30 (because
anything newer is probably too heavy memory-wise). We used it as a media
center and it was working fine for that (I never put any data on it, and
did not even log into any internet service).

I left it sitting in a drawer for a couple of years with the idea of making
a digital frame out of it (a project for which it is well suited), but I
ran totally out of stamina for doing anything tech, and my wife needs to
reclaim the space for other cra... ehm items.

So it is free for a fellow BLUG'er!
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