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Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:20:50 MDT 2020

I know you said "let's change topic" but I think the root of this
discussion is that people have a very different view of the reasons why one
uses a computer. You keep talking about a "killer app". As far as I am
concerned, there is no killer app on the computer anymore. There's just
"the web", as someone in this conversation said. The modern browser, if you
really insist seeking for an app.

In fact, my complaints about Zoom was about their WEB application being
broken BOTH on Linux and on Mac. I have not installed their DESKTOP
application in either (for reasons too long for this margin)

Introduce a killer app that only runs on Linux and is required for them to
> pass a college course or get paid for work and suddenly you've got a
> compelling reason and the marketshare just grew by one person.

In fact there is no reason for choosing Windows vs Mac either. There might
be very marginal reasons for choosing Windows or Mac vs Linux (e.g.
TurboTax and Office suites), but these are slowly and inescapably becoming
moot points for most people. Because of "the web". The success of
Chromebooks is due to this situation.

This is drastically different on mobile computers (aka phones and tablets).
Many more apps, and arguably of better quality are available on iOS than
Android., but I digress.

In conclusion, I wanted just to point out that the root of this
disagreement is that some people may have moved away from the use of any
app on computer (besides the browser). Perhaps you haven't, at least for
what this discussion is concerned about, and hence the incomprehension.
Frankly I agree with both points of view, even though I said (and I am
convinced) that apps are becoming moot.

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