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Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 12:21:38 MDT 2020

Most of my career I spent working with embedded computers.My brother worked
on super computers and beowulf clusters. I quickly became somewhat
proficient with VI/VIM. He on the other hand went to the dark side and used
emacs. For those who have never worked with embedded systems, no matter how
small the OS footprint is, there is usually some form of VI/VIM. No matter
how hard I tried I could never convince my brother that emacs was not only
bloated, but inferior in almost every aspect. He actually tried to convince
me that emacs was superior to VI/VIM! As time went by, our discussions
became more and more heated. I just couldn't see how he could think that
way. It has caused a major rift in our relationship. Can anyone suggest a
way to show him the errors of his way so that he will repent from this evil
and come back to the light?

On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 11:41 AM Maxwell Spangler <lists at maxwellspangler.com>

> I hope you've really enjoyed the recent increase of activity on BLUG.
> This list, like many other LUG lists, can be pretty quiet for weeks at a
> time.
> It's been nice to see people still reading and still engaged in
> discussions.
> But its pretty uncomfortable to be on the defensive side, so perhaps
> someone else could ask a few questions or make some strong statements to
> keep the activity going?
> [image: :-)]
> Thanks,
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