[lug] (Virtual) BLUG is ON! Thursday April 9th, 2020 @ 6:30PM (MDT!)

Chip Atkinson chip at pupman.com
Wed Apr 15 19:53:13 MDT 2020

Maybe I'm missing something, but why not just use vi mode in bash and use 
0, $, w, e, b to move as described in the gitlab defect rather than the 
command arrow hotkey combinations?

On Wed, 15 Apr 2020, Davide Del Vento wrote:

> Been there, done that. Unsatisfactory: https://gitlab.com/gnachman/iterm2/issues/8183
> On Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 12:33 PM Glenn Murray <glenn.murray at gmail.com> wrote:
>       For a Mac terminal, you can install iTerm2 via Homebrew. 
> See https://www.iterm2.com.  It’s Free software, GPL V2. 
> On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 3:41 PM Davide Del Vento <davide.del.vento at gmail.com> wrote:
>       In my entire 25+ year history of using Linux I've not expected anything new
>       to me to 'just work' on my first try. I've hoped for it and been surprised by
>       it, and sometimes it happens. But, I'm always setting aside significant time
>       to learn how to get something working and update, tweak, or debug Linux to
>       accommodate it.
> Just to make it clear, the problem is not spending a lot of time. The irritating thing is
> that AFTER you spend lots of time and make it to work, they break it and you have to
> start again.
> While Linux in areas like high performance computing, services and embedded devices
> has definitely succeed over alternatives, the Linux desktop marketshare appears to
> be stalled or shrinking. Other than personal politics, I just don't really see any
> reason to use it. Even in my case, most of what i do is now terminal based or
> browser based and I can't identify any GUI apps on Linux that are best of breed
> over Windows or Mac.
> About about:
> - multi desktop switch? The ones on Windows are practically non-existent and the ones on
> Mac are arguable extremely poor.
> - terminal? I haven't tried one on Windows so I do not know for sure but it used to be
> very poor. On a Mac I have not found EVEN ONE terminal which supports everything that
> even in the oldest xterm worked out of the box. For example, keyboard shortcuts for
> moving one word at the time, go to the start or end of the word or doing copy-paste
> correctly. The best one I've found on Mac is terminus and even that has troubles with
> navigation when using VI or VIM (can't find the bug reports at the moment, but can dig
> them out if you really care)
> Best,
> Davide
> For that reason, I'm very happy to have programs like Zoom that work well on *my*
> Linux system. I recognize they're supporting a minority of users and that has a
> cost to them. It lets me be the black swan and use an OS I'm comfortable with along
> side other peers who are on Windows, Mac or phones and don't care about all this
> politics. We can all join a zoom and get on with life and that's important to me.
> I have empathy for your frustration with Zoom because if our LUG meetings were in
> some open source program that required a lot of effort to get them to work, I would
> probably pass on the effort to debug it too. Or I'd procrastinate or wait for it to
> be fixed. But invest a lot of time.. just like you I think I'd say nope: move on to
> something else.
> M
> On Fri, 2020-04-10 at 08:03 -0600, Davide Del Vento wrote:
>       From Friday the 3rd to the day before yesterday, I attempted to use
>       Zoom many times, mostly for job-related meetings, but also for a few
>       other ones (e.g. music lessons). I missed two work meetings and spent
>       an inordinate amount of time trying to fix the issues (I think those
>       are now resolved, and might have been their clumsy attempt to mitigate
>       zoombombing and the security issues that were made public just before
>       the problem occurred). Yet, I am still really angry at that company. I
>       initially resolved to not use Zoom anymore at all, but then I "relaxed
>       the policy" to give it a try for anything I really care about. However,
>       my "policy" is to never ever spend more than 90 seconds on each device.
>       If it doesn't work out of the box, try another device. It did not work
>       out of the box on bionic, I do not know why and I do not care. It did
>       work on Android. If I run out of devices, I am just resigned to miss
>       the meeting. Life is too short to deal with such a stupid company.
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 9:15 PM Maxwell Spangler <lists at maxwellspangler.com>
> wrote:
>       What doesn't work on Linux?
> Zoom? I was using Zoom on Fedora 31 tonight.
> Curious.
> On Thu, 2020-04-09 at 19:06 -0600, Davide Del Vento wrote:
>       FWIW it does not work on a Linux workstation, but it does
>       work on Android
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 6:04 PM Dan Mackin <dan.mackin at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>       Our feature presenter's slides are
>       here: https://www.varrazzo.com/psycopg-boulder-2020/#slide1
> Dan Mackin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
> Topic: April 2020 Boulder Linux User's Group
> Time: Apr 9, 2020 06:30 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
> Join Zoom Meeting
> https://rule4.zoom.us/j/270870919?pwd=UFZpSENwM3ZtbW1CdDZ3WFhiMGhtQT09
> Meeting ID: 270 870 919
> Password: uselinux
> One tap mobile
> +16699006833,,270870919# US (San Jose)
> +13462487799,,270870919# US (Houston)
> Dial by your location
>         +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
>         +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
>         +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
>         +1 301 715 8592 US
>         +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
>         +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
>         +1 253 215 8782 US
>         877 853 5257 US Toll-free
>         855 880 1246 US Toll-free
> Meeting ID: 270 870 919
> Find your local number: https://rule4.zoom.us/u/adndnO2Qw3
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 1:47 PM Jeffrey S. Haemer
> <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com> wrote:
>       Go Dan!
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 10:37 AM Dan Mackin
> <dan.mackin at gmail.com> wrote:
>       Hey y'all!! Thanks for your patience as I
>       worked up a plan! We've got a fantastic
>       speaker lined up for our online MeetUp
>       tonight! ...although maybe I should
>       say "tomorrow afternoon" as our speaker
>       will be casting all the way from New
>       Zealand!!
>       I know we've got folks on this mailing
>       list in all sorts of different time
>       zones, so for further clarity, official
>       BLUG start day and time is:
>       2020-04-10T00:30Z 
> - I will send out a Zoom link to this mailing
> list (and to the folks that have RSVP'd "Yes"
> on our MeetUp page) at 2020-04-10T00:00Z. The
> meeting link won't be active until
> 2020-04:10T00:30Z. I'll have the waiting room
> feature enabled so you'll need to be admitted
> into the Zoom. Please be patient as I let y'all
> in and make sure you use whatever name you'd
> put on your name tag if we were meeting in
> person as it'll help me facilitate questions,
> discussion, etc.
> - We'll mingle, chat and fiddle with A/V while
> waiting for folks to join the meeting and I'll
> get started right at 2020-04-10T01:00Z. 
> - You'll all enter the room on mute by default.
> You should be able to unmute yourself at your
> leisure but remember: Mute's your friend when
> it comes to good group video chat etiquette. 
> - I'll get us started, we'll do group intros,
> and then I'll introduce our speaker for our
> feature presentation: A live presentation on
> how Python and PostgreSQL interact using
> psycopg2, the most used Postgres database
> driver for Python! We will touch basic topics
> like, basic Python objects, interaction with a
> database session, data adaptation, and security
> by avoiding things like SQL injection attacks. 
> - Our presenter, Daniele Varrazzo, has offered
> to provide the slides ahead of the meeting,
> just in case we have technical difficulties!
> I'll send a link to those when I send out the
> Zoom link. 
> Yes, we will have a give away "raffle" at the
> end. No, I'm not able to GrubHub everyone food
> and beer. Logistical nightmare! I know not
> everyone likes Zoom. Sorry. In the event Zoom
> becomes unusable across the board, I'll send
> out a backup Hangouts link to this list (and to
> the folks that have RSVP'd "Yes" on our MeetUp
> page). Oh, and if anyone's lost on the timezone
> thing... we're starting at our normal day/time.
> Our MeetUp site should list this accurately as
> well: https://www.meetup.com/Boulder-Linux-Users-Group-BLUG/)
> See y'all soon!!
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 12:23 PM Dan Mackin
> <dan.mackin at gmail.com> wrote:
>       LUGers! Yuppers... we'll have a
>       vBLUG MeetUp Thursday evening. I'll
>       have more details for y'all on the
>       event soon but wanted to let you
>       know so as you could keep your
>       calendars clear...
> Looking forward to seeing y'all via
> videoconference!! 
> -Dan
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