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It'll be clear in a moment why I am resurrecting this thread

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>     http://lug.boulder.co.us/calendar.html
> The July Boulder Linux User Group meeting is coming up.
>    Talk : Model-based user interfaces
> Speaker : Bruce Long
>    When : 7 p.m. on Thu, Jul 09, 2009
>   Where : Aztek Networks, 2477 55th St, Suite 202, Boulder, CO.
>           Aztek Networks is on 55th between Arapahoe and Pearl, just
>           north of the Humane Society.  There's plenty of parking, and
>           the 206 and 208 busses stop across the street.
>     Map : http://lug.boulder.co.us/meetings.html
> Summary of 'Model-based user interfaces'
> ----------------------------------------
> The modern way of 'interfacing' with our digital stuff, our friends and
> our world can be improved dramatically. Because each kind of interaction
> with someone or some data has to have its own application, and
> applications vary for each device, there are many things we do not do with
> our devices because it takes too much work. We have to remember which
> device holds what information, what format it is in, how each application
> works, which folders our stuff is in. Some years ago I was struck that it
> should be possible to make interactions with people, files, and online
> systems much much easier.  If only we could model the things we wish to
> interact with, model the devices we have, and model the kind of user
> interface we prefer. It could be so easy to interact with something in a
> new way or from a new device that we will find all kinds of new, world
> changing, things to do that previously didn't cross our mind.
> I set out to solve the problem once and for all. After a lot of C++
> coding, math learning, some paper writing, and a little PhD working, I'm
> still not there. And judging by the iPhone and the Palm Pre, no one else
> is either.  But there is a growing technology that I have heard called
> "model-based user interfaces" that has the potential to completely change
> the way we connect.  It solves the problems I worry about and much more.
> Here is a teaser: The idea is to use a model of your social infrastructure
> and information stores to make it feel more like directly connecting, in a
> sort of "make me part of a giant social brain" way to people and
> information instead of having apps and devices as intermediates limiting
> you.
> I am going to talk about some of the disruptive capabilities that
> model-based UI's will give you. Though, perhaps anticlimactic, I'll
> demonstrate my own work which is aimed at using model-based computing to
> enhance personal independence while increasing our ability to connect
> socially. I'll also talk about when we might expect results and how you
> can become a part and speed the process up!
> Pre meeting food
> ----------------
> Please join us informally for a bite to eat at Panera Bread before the
> meeting, around 5:30 P.M.  Panera is in the 29th street mall, east of
> Highway 36/28th street near Walnut.
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